The San Diego Film Bureau is a film production company dedicated to bringing the film industry to San Diego. The company was founded on a simple idea, to make it easier for productions large and small to shoot in the beautiful San Diego area.

The San Diego Film Bureau has access to writers, producers, directors, crew, equipment, facilities, post production specialists and more. By partnering with San Diego Film Bureau, we will take the problem of logistics and simplify it, leaving you to focus on what really matters –  the vision behind your film.

The team at San Diego Film Bureau has worked on successful projects for major networks from Discovery, NBC, Disney, PBS, National Geographic, TLC, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Projects range from documentaries and dramas to music videos, reality television and live streaming.

By enlisting the help of the San Diego Film Bureau, your production is guaranteed to be efficient and cost effective. We can deliver the high level of quality demanded in the film industry at a great value, ensuring your production moves smoothly and is completed on time and on budget.

San Diego Film Bureau is available now for your project. We can handle every aspect of your filming needs or just a few items, it is up to you.  No matter if you are producing a feature film, scripted TV, music video, documentary, reality show or corporate video, San Diego Film Bureau is the company that will bring your vision to life.  Whether you are from San Diego, or only plan to shoot here, we will make your time in America’s Finest City special.


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